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05/07/15 11:51 AM #48    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Lord, today

please make me a blessing.

 Let me walk in Your Spirit.

 Let me lead by by Your Light.

 Help me to think and act with a heart of love

 so that as I pray for me, I will pray for someone else.

 Lord, You are the God of more than enough.

  In You there is abundance.

 Today, I pray for an abundance peace, an overflow of Your protection,

a wealth of prosperity,

 an immeasurable amount of Spiritual growth

and an outpouring of Your Mercy

so that it overflows into the lives of others...

so that we will all be -


so Greatly Blessed.

05/10/15 03:22 PM #49    

Carolyn Goodwyn (Birchette)

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and like a mother. If you did not attend service today, you missed an awesome blessing. We celebrated Women's Day, guest speaker was Minister Venise O'Bey,Co-Pastor of The Love of The Love Outreach Tabernacle, Petersburg,VA. Her word was taken Mark 7:24-29. The Young Adult Choir acompanied by musicians Shaun Grandinson on piano and organ, one of his friends ( T )from N.C., Deacon Joseph Johnson on guitar, Lionel Rhodes on drums and Rev. Williams singing vocals. The attendance was standing room only. It was smuch a wonderful and spirit filled service. Praises to God for all he has done.

05/10/15 03:33 PM #50    

Carolyn Goodwyn (Birchette)

I am still getting Spring Rally contributions,so it's not too late. I received two more contributions today, raising the amt. that I receive to $640.00. Thanks for supporting the Spring Rally.

05/10/15 03:37 PM #51    

Carolyn Goodwyn (Birchette)

Correction. Spring Rally I have collected $660.00

05/10/15 04:48 PM #52    


McKenley Mason, Jr.

Barbara and I are missing our church family, but to spend time with our Kids is such a wonderful blessing. If it's God's will we shall return next weekend. May God bless you all.

05/13/15 11:51 AM #53    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning Church family,

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the service on Sunday (as always).  It done my heart good to see so many of my family members present and some of my friends.  I know it seems like I cry every Sunday and I do (smile) and it's because when I think about how great God has been to me and my family I can't help but to shed those happy tears in the prescence of family.  That's how I feel everytime I step through the doors of BBBC.  Have a Blessed day!!!



This day let us believe that

God is going to do it!

He will give us the desires of our hearts.

He will increase our happiness and our joy.

He will either move the mountain

or He will 'give us the strength to climb." 

He will fix our hearts, cleanse our minds

and renew a right Spirit within us.

None of this is too hard for God

all we have to do

is ask

be committed 

and just believe

that in God....

all things are possible...


let us


In Jesus' Name, I pray. 

05/14/15 12:44 PM #54    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Inline Image Not Displayed




"Life is too short to be anything but happy, Love deeply, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything with no regrets, Forget the past with  the exception of what you have learned and remember everything happens for a reason." God Bless!!!!


05/15/15 12:44 PM #55    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning Family,

Just stopping by to say "We made it" through another week!!  Thank the Lord for all he has done!!!


Good is Friday. 

Not sure yet what to wear to work but I have decided that,

I will be wearing the full Armor of God as I look forward

 to the day, the weekend and the rest of my life. 

In that armor, there is

Hope and Joy, Peace and Protection,

Abundance and Prosperity,

Prayer and Resolution,

Health and Wellness, Love and Restoration,

Deliverance and Salvation. 

All of that plus whatever else I need I will be wearing

 and it's not heavy at all...

it is just Blessed,

 so let us get dressed and

 Have a Wonderful Day!

05/18/15 03:33 PM #56    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Afternoon family,

The service was on fire yesterday.  "Something Good has got to come out of this."  God will bring us to it and take us through it!!!!! Something grand is waiting on the other side...


When Solomon prayed he said,

 “O Lord, I am Your humble servant….

Give me the Wisdom that sits by Your Throne,…

Send her forth from the Holy Heavens…

and from the throne of Your Glory send her.” 

As I go into this Monday morning, this week and head into the rest of my life:

O Lord, I AM

.......Your humble servant. 

Into every aspect and situation that awaits me,

please send to me, into my mind, heart and Spirit…

that Wisdom that leads and guides

and will direct me so that I

may please and serve You

as I seek

only to do Your Will. 

In Jesus Name, I pray

05/20/15 10:54 AM #57    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning It's Wednesday!!!!  Praise God for all he has done!!!


Sometimes on Wednesdays,

we wake up lamenting that it is not Friday yet

 or celebrating that it almost is,. 

Either way, we wake up. 

Today is Wednesday and no matter what we have been through thus far this week:

 it is...

already done. 

And now today is upon us. 

 We have yet another chance to be

blessed, happy and to move forward. 

Wake up!  Get Up! Get busy

and let us

give God some praise...

because no matter

what day it is....

we are still...

so greatly blessed...


 In Jesus' Name,

we pray.

05/21/15 04:46 PM #58    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

As my workday comes to an end, I praise God for all I have endured today!!!



I cannot think of one single thing that I am asking

any human being to do for me

but with You my list is long because

I know that You are able and so,

Lord, today,

with hope and faith I ask You to hear my prayer

for Your Forgiveness in any area of my life where I have fallen short.

 I pray for more

of Your Favor, Grace and Mercy

in every aspect of my life;

not for riches but for understanding;

not for material things but for Your Wisdom;

not for opportunities that lead to fruitless gain

 but for occasions to be taught by You

that I may be more pleasing to You.

So, Lord, in Your Infinite Wisdom,

 and according to Your Holy Plan and Your Perfect Will for my life,

please teach, lead, guide and direct me

so that I can do Your Will. 

 In Jesus' Name, I pray.

05/22/15 01:03 PM #59    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

We made it!!!!!   It's Friday!!!


Early this morning,

after I checked the calendar

to make sure it is FRIDAY,

I simply said I say now....

THANK YOU, GOD for everyday


right now and this minute

for always


So are you!


05/24/15 12:44 PM #60    

Jennifer Walton (Walton)

Hey yall!! Not sure if this is my first post ever (signed up a while ago) or just my first post in a long time...Please excuse my video skills. I think next time I'll go up top. Our very own youth praise dancers Exalted Praise...enjoy


05/25/15 12:35 PM #61    

Carolyn Goodwyn (Birchette)

Yesterday's service was once again AWESOME. Rev.Williams sermon came from Matthew 19:26. Jesus looked @ them and said"with man this is impossible" but with God "all things are possible". I'm telling you, this is my testimony. He can bring you up from the pits of your hell, forgive your sins, turn your life around and you will sing his praises forever. Glory be to God.

The Exaulted Praise Dancers really showed out. The young children went to war with the enemy. They fought the enemy, stomped him to the ground. Declaring that he ( DEVIL) can not take what God has given them. What a mighty lesson for them to learn and live by. You don't have to take my word for it, you can come to BBBC and experience for yourself how God is changing lives . Glory be to God. Carolyn G Birchette.

05/25/15 09:03 PM #62    


McKenley Mason, Jr.

Gotta Love The Kids. 

05/26/15 12:48 PM #63    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning,

We had a wonderful service on Sunday.  It was great seeing all of that orange floating around.  A big shout out to the cooks and servers.  As always our Pastor he is always on "Fire". My guests really appreciated you all!!!!


Even on Memorial Day, as we look back, let us look forward.

 We are each, by His design,

the blessing of God yet to reach our full potential in Him.

 As He has given us much to recall, so will He give us

much to achieve through peace and service; through duty and responsibility,

through obedience and sacrifice.

  Yes, we have, in our pasts, through our relationships  known love. 

We have lost loved ones and friends.

 We have buried some of our inner most treasures through our sorrows and disappointments.

  And along the way some of our dreams have died and so,

we do know what it is like to mourn and yet,

move forward lamenting;

but let us now recommit to our focus

what we can achieve when we move forward in His expectation,

live in His hope; aspire to His call with purpose,

work toward pleasing Him by helping others

and move forward trusting God, believing in Him,

as our living Testament...

A living and active memorial in and for all time

for in Him,

"we live and breathe and  have our being"

and in Him.....

we are


05/27/15 01:59 PM #64    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Afternoon Chruch family.  Just a few words of inspiration.

Sometimes, in this very imperfect world,

 you must commit to doing the very best you can....

When measured against something else,

that may be insufficient,

but who are you to judge? 

God determines "bests" and they are sometimes different according to His determination. 

 For some the best will be making it to the very top

and for others, the best is half way up. 

We will completely blow it

if we overdo God’s expectations being driven

by our own envy, jealousy and the need to do what others are doing. 

 While you may be challenged,

you will never be outpaced running your own race

if you follow God’s prescription for you. 

 Your best is your best…Understand and Do that. 

 Sometimes our greatest challenge will be to:

Seek God's guidance. Listen for His instruction. 

Keep your eyes on your own

Spiritual assignment and growth…

.and….just--- do the best you can!

~Trust God~

05/29/15 07:11 AM #65    

Janice Goodwyn (Alridge)

'God take the wheel'...although it's been a short/4-day work week it's been a rough one. I will be glad when the work day ends. Wishing my BBBC family a good day & all remain safe & prayerful until we meet again. Love you all....GOD IS!

05/29/15 10:45 AM #66    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Yes Ms. Janice.  this has really been a long "short" week.  Please keep me prayed up that I will make it unitl 5:30!!!!


Inline Image Not Displayed

If you're trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I've had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.

Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

05/29/15 01:09 PM #67    


McKenley Mason, Jr.

Well, hate to say it, but short week for me...went to DC only one day this week.

Barbara and I heading to Williamsburg this evening for the Patroit Running Festival weekend; three days three races. 

Prayers for everyone, Love yawl.   


06/02/15 11:13 AM #68    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning.  Here are my few words of inspiration.



maybe God allows us to have

a few miserable moments

just so we can come to the realization of

just how good He is....

so go ahead,weep, cry, lament and moan for a minute if you must

 but then---

 get yourself together and turn on

 the music, the majesty, the wonder and the splendor of God's great love

 and its supernatural power

to lift you up, turn you around

 and keep you moving forward.

  That is just how Good


 And in Jesus' Name,

 I pray

06/08/15 12:13 PM #69    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning,


Jesus told the lame man to pick up his mat and walk

and he did because

He believed God.

He told the man who had sat years

by the Pool in Bethesda

to be healed

and he was

He told Blind Bartimaeus  who sat by the road begging,

that his faith had made him whole.

And when "the woman with the issue of blood touched

the hem of His garment,"

He said:

"Daughter, your faith has healed you."

In the same way, that they believed -- trusted God,

sought Him, waited for Him

and had faith --

may you also believe

that your good, your better,

your best

your victories ad your future blessings

are all available to you

if only

you will


For you are greatly blessed.

06/09/15 11:46 AM #70    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Happy Tuesday,


Lord, this life, keeps challenging me

Just to know YOU better

because without the constant challenge

when I am trying my best to serve You

it might be tempting for me to think

higher of myself than I ought

and to think that Your victories are my own

and so I thank You for humbling my heart

for overcoming and silencing my ego

and for being who You are in my life


keep me grounded.


keep me praying.

Lord, You keep me

Grateful and Praising You

for all the things that You may do

to help me, Lord, to make it through

This day, This life

and back to You.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray.

06/10/15 06:01 PM #71    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Afternoon,  I apologize that I missed you all this morning.  I was conducting interviews most of the morning.  Here is the inspiration:


Sometimes God gives a direction once

and that direction lasts an eternity. 

When He spoke to the stars and the moon and sun

and commanded that they rise and shine......

they did and they always do. 

In same way, He speaks

 that same command into our lives,

often, daily and forever. 

Hear and receive His Command today :

 Rise!  Shine! 

And let us do whatever He commands us to...

and as we do....


let us always: 


Give God the Glory!

In Jesus' Name, I pray 

06/11/15 09:57 AM #72    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning Church family, It's Thursday:


Lord, today I am going to Trust You

one minute at a time.

 Whatever I had planned to do or say,

 is never more important than what You

 speak into my heart and Spirit

  So speak to me, Lord, and let me hear it....

and I will follow You.

  In the Name of Your darling Son, let

Your Perfect Will be done

even as I

Praise Your Name

and Thank You for loving me.


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