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01/23/14 09:12 PM #23    

Carolyn Goodwyn (Birchette)

Thank you . I am going to try and use this Message Forum to keep in touch and share information.  Have a great day and see you Sunday. Give my love to Valerie. What did you think about my "Pennies from Heaven"  suggestion for the youth?

01/28/14 10:00 PM #24    

Reginald Drumgoole, Sr.

It was a great idea. See you soon. Don't hesitate to call me if you need a little uplifting. GOD loves you and

so do I. Your brother, Reggie

01/08/15 06:28 PM #25    


Nancy Lewis (Mayer)

Just sitting here thinking about the goodness of God and the many blessings He bestows on me daily.  Praying everyone is keeping warm and if it is God's will, I hope to see everyone this Sunday!  If you are able, we would love to see you at 9:30 am for Sunday School!     Love in Christ...Sister Nancy Mayer.  

01/08/15 08:34 PM #26    


McKenley Mason, Jr.

I am glad to see our members starting to use technology that is available to us to uplift each other and share how God bless us in our daily lives. 

Whoever set it up, thank you. Job well done.



01/09/15 07:59 PM #27    

Reginald Drumgoole, Sr.

Well, I won't be at church Sunday but I will be there in spirit. Gotta work .

God be with all my church family!!!!

01/10/15 04:41 PM #28    


Nancy Lewis (Mayer)

I won't be at church tomorrow either, because  I'm sick.  I don't want to spread my germs.  I'll deeply miss everyone and I pray I'll be back 3rd Sunday!  Mom is coming down with what I have, so please pray for us both.  Also pray for brother Frank Coleman who is in the hospital.  I love you all!  

01/11/15 08:22 PM #29    


Larry Goodwyn

Mac, I created the web site some years ago with the hope that members and friends around the country would visit it and keep up with what we are doing at the church.  It is a powerful tool and we haven't begun to experinece all that it will allow us to do.  Thanks for your comments.

01/12/15 04:26 PM #30    

Janice Goodwyn (Alridge)

Missed you both on Sunday at Sunday School & morning worship service, Dea. Drumgoole & superintendent Mayer. Rev. Williams as usual gave us a good word. See you next Sunday... God Is

02/03/15 07:12 AM #31    

Janice Goodwyn (Alridge)

Sitting here on the bus heading to work this morning (7:11am) & just wanted to share...if you don't know, we have an awesome God. He can be your everything if you only open your heart to Him. God is...

02/03/15 07:14 PM #32    

Carolyn Goodwyn (Birchette)

Sunday's service was so awesome. The praises and worship were so uplifting.All you could do was to thank God for every Blessing he has given you for every day of yor Life. He is every thing, every one you want or need him to be. "He Is". No matter how bad you feel about yourself,or how unworthy you may feel of his love. Jesus has forgiven you and he has dropped all charges !! Love to all

02/03/15 07:59 PM #33    


McKenley Mason, Jr.

This past Sunday was special, it was a blessing to use that time to reflect on my past and pray to God for my future. He is so faithful to love me unconditionally; even when I am at my worst. To God be the Glory, I love yawl Big Bethel. 

02/05/15 10:35 PM #34    

Reginald Drumgoole, Sr.

It was quite awesome Bro Mason. Hope this Sunday will be as special. Seee you guys on 3rd Sunday.

God IS !!!!!

03/07/15 10:47 PM #35    

Carolyn Goodwyn (Birchette)

Hello to all,I've missed being in church. The cold weather poig
ice and snow have been harsh on my knees and emotional state. I was looking forward to going to church tomorrow but the pain in my knee will not allow me to bear any weight. I know God will deliver me from this burden, I just have to be patient,be still and trust in him. My heart and prayers are with you all. Carolyn G. Birchette

03/08/15 08:44 AM #36    


McKenley Mason, Jr.

We'll pray you Carolyn.  

03/09/15 03:24 PM #37    


Nancy Lewis (Mayer)

Praying for you, Carolyn!  

03/10/15 11:44 AM #38    


Larry Goodwyn

Feel better soon.  Call if you need anything.

03/10/15 11:13 PM #39    

Carolyn Goodwyn (Birchette)

Hello my BBBC family, I would like to thank you for your prayers,well wishes and telephone calls. It's been hard dealing with this pain but I do feel that it is getting better. Miss you all.

04/23/15 03:02 PM #40    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Hello Family, I just wanted to drop by and share some inspiration,


Lord, help me move

 in Spiritual fascination
as I move closer

to my destination

 in You.
Let my joy increase, and

my sense of "me" decrease
as I pray that You will release
more of You, Your favor, Grace, and Care
into my life, as I offer my prayer,


for more

 of YOU.
In Jesus Name’s

                                                                           I pray.

04/27/15 01:27 PM #41    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning Church family, It's Monday!!!!


Father, In the Holy Name of Jesus.

Thank You for this Day.

Please, Forgive us for our sins, great and small,

known and unknown...

and cover us with the Blood of Jesus,

refresh our Spirits and renew our minds

It is Monday morning ---

the beginning of New Mercies, New Favor

and New Grace

for our assignments, work and opportunities.

Move us forward in Your Strength. in Your Spirit

 and in Your Way.

Let no obstacle or problem, no challenge

or defeat lay unmoved in the paths we travel

or in the people we encounter.

Help us to be a help.

as we move forward

and give You all the Praise.

We love You, Lord.


04/27/15 08:38 PM #42    

Carolyn Goodwyn (Birchette)

Hello my family in Christ
Church was just awesome on Sunday. The Holy Spirit was in the house.IT was such a blessing to be able to experience the moment. I give God all the praises
Have a bless and safe week.

Carolyn G. Birchette

04/27/15 08:54 PM #43    

Carolyn Goodwyn (Birchette)

Thanks to all who contributed to our 2015 Spring Rally. We received $620.00. If you did not get your contribution in it is not to late.
BBBC members are asked to give $20.00. You can mail it to BBBC, put in an evelope attn
Spring Rally or give it to me. Thanking you in advance for financially supporting your church.

Carolyn G. Birchette

04/28/15 07:01 AM #44    


McKenley Mason, Jr.

Sister Birchette I hated to miss the usher's program, I knew it was a wonderful event. I am glad to have my Aunt jean and cousin Yolanda now part of the usher's ministry.

BTW, Barbara and I will miss two more Sundays from church, vacation to DC to see family and California to our daugther Tanya. While there our son McKenley III and his wife is flying west to visit also.

I'll keep praying for BBBC and keep you all on my heart.


God Bless!!!





04/28/15 10:15 PM #45    


Nancy Lewis (Mayer)

Just want to say that I love you all and that the first night of Spring revival was absolutely awesome!!!  Rev. Fox delivered a powerful message.  All who attended were truly blessed by his sermon.  Hope to see you tomorrow night!  Love in Christ..Nancy.

04/29/15 03:50 PM #46    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Hello Chruch family,

I just hate that I missed the service last night.  I worked late however I will be there tonight!!!  Hope to see you all.  Happy Wednesday to you!!1


Today, no matter where you are; what you need, want or desire....

no matter what you feel about your situation, even if you are feeling

somehow confused, complicated, empty or void:

REJOICE even as you ask God to change your situation

and then just know that He will because:

"In the beginning when "the” great, big, complicated

“earth was formless and void and darkness covered the deep,"

God said then and He says NOW,

 "Let there Be Light...and the Light" is “good.”

Today o Lord, let Your Light, Understanding, Wisdom and Power

 saturate our very existence.  Fill us with Your Creativity, Your Power and Spirit.

Give us the newness that inspires greatness and brings change.

Fill us o Lord, with your Grace and Your Favor

so that we have the Spiritual form to move from stagnation into strength;

 from confusion into peace;

from complicated into BLESSED; and from being empty and void

 into being filled with gratitude and thanksgiving.

Change our hearts and our minds and open our eyes so that

 even if darkness threatens, we can always know, see and remember that:

You are the still the Light that shines through us and in our lives

 and by Your Word and Your Power,

not only are we able to move forward but even as we do….

we are Greatly Blessed

when the Light of our trust -- is YOU.

In Jesus' Name I Pray


05/01/15 01:05 PM #47    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Happy Friday Church Family!!!!


Yes, Lord, Yes.

Finally, I am beginning to

hear the chains falling

Yes, I have been singing that song

while giving You praise

in my struggle

and I know and believe

that every chain

is being broken….and even those that

tried to stay, hold me down,

and keep me bound

are connected Lord to you

and so

I am  listening, praying,

hoping and believing and

finally Lord, this Friday,

I hear

the chains falling.

I am free

knowing that You will

Always keep and

Deliver me.

In Jesus Name, I pray.


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