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06/15/15 05:23 PM #73    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Hello Family:


Joy, Joy!

pray that in your Spirit

early this Monday morning and you will find a blanket of ease

in every situation

For the Word of God says that you should

"Count it all joy"  even "when you meet trials of various kinds"

because He will go before you.

The Bible also says that

"the God of hope" will "fill you with all joy"

when you trust, believe and serve Him.

Know then that " the fruit of the Spirit is .... joy..."

and there is more than enough for you.

What we believe we must confess:

it is joy that overcomes stress

and so O Lord as we begin this day,

we seek Your face and we ask and pray

that You will fill us with Your Joy

in all we seek to do

and let us this day and always

be led, O Lord, by You.

In Jesus' Name

we pray

that You will fill us with Your Joy


06/15/15 08:53 PM #74    


McKenley Mason, Jr.

Baptism  14 Jun 2015


06/15/15 09:14 PM #75    


McKenley Mason, Jr.

Five standing strong to join Big Bethel.


06/18/15 04:26 PM #76    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Oh what a joy it was to witness God working the lives of these 5 individuals on Sunday.  It really done my heart good to see my family and honaryfamily member receive the Right Hand Of Fellowship. Always seek God first and follow his assignment.


When, from a burning bush,

God chose and spoke to Moses,

Moses did not believe that God had really made the right decision. 

He offered an excuse; he hesitated, questioned and doubted. 

While he was unsure, God was so determined and purposeful

that He said to Moses as He says to us:

"Fear Not."  "I will be with you,"

He even became angry, displeased with Moses' continued hesitation and doubt

 but still He did not--- change His mind. 

That is how is with us:   God says, we question. 

God inspires, we doubt. 

God sends, we hesitate. 

Yet, Trusting God, from Old Testament times, until now

has never changed. 

Either you trust Him or you don't ---

but always go forward

remembering that

 when He assigns you, He empowers and sends you. 

As He said to Moses, so He still says to you: 

"I Am that I Am....  I will be with you....."

He even says: when it is necessary

"I will be your mouth and speak for you....and I will teach  you what to do." 

Neither the heart, the power, vision, imagination or the determination of God has changed

since or before the days of Moses...

and neither have His expectations for those who follow Him changed....

so you must learn to Trust Him

and may you, this day, go forward

and trust Him as He leads. 

In Jesus' Name, I pray. 




06/22/15 12:51 PM #77    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning,

I enjoyed the service so much yesterday.  Always hearing the word and feeding my soul to jump start my week is a plus..

Today, may God grant you a sense of peace

and a spirit of calm as you endure this day. 

May He refresh your heart and give you clearer vision

and keep you lifted up.

May you know with certainty

that today you are exactly where He intended

doing what He expects --

that is all that you can ever do.

Trust Him and He will lead you

where He intends you to be.

Glorify Him through your service,

your actions and your Faith

and He will lift you up

beyond your greatest expectations.

In Him, you will

always find your peace, your direction

and you will be prepared and empowered

for the tomorrow

He has already planned.

But the challenge is

 this moment and in this day:

that God has already blessed.

No matter what it looks like, no matter what you fear

no matter what it feels like, know that God is near.

Stay blessed...

.In Jesus's Name.

06/24/15 12:43 PM #78    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Afternoon, I hope everyone is staying cool this week and God Bless.


O the weather forecast says:  it is going to be hot today.

 And so we prepare ourselves to deal with the heat.

And yet, in every Spiritual season in our lives,  (and it is always a Spiritual season)

the question becomes: How hot does it have to be before we hydrate and saturate

ourselves with the protection and possibilities that can be found

only in our developing and growing

Faith and Trust in God, who creates, sends and directs the conditions that affect our lives?

Do we pray enough; read enough, study enough,... do we know enough to understand that

the weather is constantly changing  and though it gets hot on the outside, 

we will not burn on the inside

if we continually saturate ourselves and our Souls

 with the love and the Living Word of God;

with the Hope and the Trust  that can only be found in Him.

 O yes, it may be hot today but it is always cool and you can always find comfort
in the sheltering Arms of God who creates the gentle rain

and  sends the quiet and comforting breeze of peace,

 even in times of trouble, doubt, conflict and strife,
from the heavens above into the day and into life for all who trust in Him.

Even today, may you be one of those people

who know and trust Him enough that

 even though it is hot outside, you will remain cool inside

as you seek the shade of His Guidance and Protection;

and as you also seek, find and enjoy

the bountiful blessings that that are found,

always and even, in the shadow of His love.


07/16/15 12:58 PM #79    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Afternoon family,


Lord, today I am thankful to remember that You never forget about me.

In my imperfections, You still show me Grace and Mercy

enough that You wake me up each day, anoint me afresh

and You fill me with the desire to Serve You

and to do Your Will.

Sometimes, often I do fall short.

Sometimes I stray from the path I should follow.

Sometimes I confess that I am tired, weak and even frustrated

but You are just so awesome and forgiving that

You never forget about me.

When I fall short, You are the bridge of understanding

and hope as you enlarge my awareness

of the possibility that always in found in You.

When I stray, You provide the path that leads me

back to You and to where You would have me be.

When I am tired, You renew me.

When I am weak, You are my Strength

and even when I am frustrated, You are still my hope.

Lord, today

as You pour out  Your many blessings

upon all who strive to do Your Will

even as You prosper and teach them, Lord

,I am aware and thankful that

You never forget about me.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray.

07/22/15 12:30 PM #80    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Afternoon Church Family,


Lord, let me start this day with one great big,

heartfelt THANK  YOU. 

Thank You, Lord, for each challenge that may come

 because You will be there

to save and deliver me and victory shall be mine.  

Thank You for each pain if I should hurt in any way because

You are  my relief, my joy and comfort.  

Thank You for everything I see in me that is weakness

because You are My Strength.

 Thank You even for my limited vision

because You are my Perfect Light.

Thank You for hope and peace;

for prosperity and the abundance of

Your greatness. Your Grace, Your Mercy and Your Favor.

Thank You Lord for loving me enough

to keep me in my right mind….

just so I can raise my voice and Thank You.

 O Lord…I praise Your Name

and In Jesus’ Name, I pray.

07/24/15 10:20 AM #81    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

We made it....It's Friday!!!!!


 God, This Day I am going forward

with my mind just "stayed on" You...

for it is another Friday and Lord,

 You have brought me through

another week in my life and if there was---

any aught or strife---

You have guided me and let me see --

that the best of my life

is yet to be....

and I


 Thank You, Lord. 


and in Jesus' Name, I pray.

08/05/15 04:39 PM #82    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Sometimes when the things about which you pray

Do not come to pass

It is because you are trying too hard

to do the things that only God can do

You just have to yield and agree to let Him do

What He wants to do, how He wants to do it

and when He determines.

Otherwise, you are creating your own frustration

And every creating your delay

Trying hard to have your way

and so you create a space of doubt

when God has already worked it out.

You must  keep on hoping, believing and waiting

But know that there comes a times a yield

And when you are able to do that

God  will often reveal

His might, His power and His desire

That will lift you up and take you higher

In His Purpose and His Will

When you have learned to just

Be Still.

 Be Still and Trust in God. 

08/06/15 03:49 PM #83    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

There are some days when you have just got to take Spiritual charge

of your mind and your thoughts because

left to their own energies you may be guided

Into the paths of confusion, trials and tribulations

But when you remember that

You are called for a purpose and that

You are gifted and anointed to do what God calls you to do

all the rest of it becomes extra -- foolish

Nonsense- in fact.

So, get your Spiritual mind renewed and

Settle down.

Face your moments with the courage, ability and power

that God has given you

and go on to do

what must be done


In Jesus’ Name, you pray.

08/07/15 12:39 PM #84    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Thank God It's Friday!!!


Lord, now that this New Day has dawned,

please wake me up to the newness,

the Power and the Wonder in You. 

Let my Soul rejoice and let my Spirit give You Praise. 

Let me not overlook, undervalue or fail to recognize

any of the blessings You pour out to me

moment by moment. 

Let me use the gifts, resources and abilities You have placed in me

 to Glorify You. 

 Let me speak what You would have me say

and do what You will have me do. 

Lead me, Guide me, Teach me, Lord 

as I Praise and Worship YOU. 

For You alone are God

and In Jesus' Name, I pray. 


08/10/15 04:17 PM #85    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Words to live by!!!!


Encouragement to others is something everyone can give. Somebody needs what you have to give. It may not be your money; it may be your time. It may be your listening ear. It may be your arms to encourage. It may be your smile to uplift. Who knows?  Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make a change.

08/26/15 04:48 PM #86    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Hello church family.  I have been so busy at work that I have not had time to stop by and drop my few lines of encourgement.  Here you go.  :)


Lord, no matter what!

 In spite of what I have learned, where I have been

or where I believe You are leading me…..always I am searching. 

 Lord, I often think that I want or need this or that;

and sometimes even when I have  this AND that,

still I am searching --

seeking more, even when I am not certain what that is.

And so, sometimes I ask myself: why can I not be satisfied? 

 But then I remember: that though I have sufficient

You are God of More Than Enough. 

You create salvation and eternity; 

 You provide excellent health and wellness; riches and blessings,

prosperity and even Your peace for those who follow You

and they shall dwell in the land of More Than Enough

 because that is who You are. 

Lord, while I am ever thankful for all You do for me,

please know with humility and appreciation,

with eyes and heart wide open,

as long as I have breath to breathe,

 I will trust and believe

 that searching is always what I shall do,

until I become ENOUGH --

 in YOU. 

In Jesus’ Name, I pray….

for I am – Greatly Blessed

09/03/15 10:09 AM #87    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning Church Family,

God Is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Even in the specificity of God

He gives us room to grow.

He knows exactly what He has planned

and yet,

 He allows us to choose

the paths we take.

So, let us pray for the Wisdom to know

the specific direction

He would have us go

because God is



09/15/15 12:46 PM #88    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning,


And now,

in this Moment Precious Lord, please speak to the hearts of

Your Humble Servants

Bless us with  a spirit of wholeness, completeness and perfection in You

Even as we grow and learn more about You and who we are in YOU – Bless  Us, Keep Us

Lead Us, Guide us

Encourage our  hearts and remind us, God

That in You there is NO IMPERFECTION that is unknown by You.

Let us be honest and sincere blessings in all the lives we touch

And help us to remember

that YOU


Are God.

In Jesus’ Name,

I pray.

09/22/15 05:07 PM #89    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)



We all desire to be

wanted, loved, accepted and approved;

and so sometimes --

we strive to get in, fit in...stay in ---

when really we should leave. 

 And sometimes in life, if you are not careful,

 you will allow other people:

 their dreams, desires, wants, hopes, beliefs...

and existence

to totally:  block, change, dismantle and destroy YOUR vision.

 If you are not careful

 you will absolutely lose and abandon YOU.

It is not always that they have an evil spirit. 
But it is always

our willingness to follow and to be led. 

 It is not always a mean word or any one particular incident.

  It is the totality.

 It is always a matter of our need to be more

Spiritually discerning and asking God: 

Why is this in my life?  What do you want me to learn? 

Has this come to bless or destroy me? 

Or should I just say:  Thank You, Lord, for reminding me

 to pray that

You will always put a hedge of protection --

around My Spirit,

My Soul ...

 and Me. 

 In Jesus' Name, I pray.


09/24/15 05:17 PM #90    


Nancy Lewis (Mayer)

Amen,  Tasha!  Your posts are so inspiring!  God bless you and your family!

10/07/15 11:53 AM #91    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning Saints,


God by Your Grace,

Your Mercy, Your Power,

Your Strength and Your Wisdom

You have given me this day.

Grant me your peace and your protection.

Lead my heart and my feet in the ways and directions

that are pleasing to You.

Reveal my purpose

And please empower me to fulfill

Whatever You call me to do.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray.


10/14/15 12:23 PM #92    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Afternoon:

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.


Have a Blessed Day!!!!

10/14/15 03:45 PM #93    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

This is the day that the Lord has made:


In the Mighty Name of Jesus,

we declare victory over every struggle

that attempts to come our way.

We declare peace in all areas of our lives

where there are problems and upset.

We believe in the awesomeness of God,

who has called us to THIS DAY

and to this moment,

and IN HIS Name and By His Authority….

By His Spirit and His Power

we are


10/28/15 11:27 AM #94    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning Family.  Today is a cool and rainy one...But God!!!!


Lord, how awesome are Your Grace and Mercy.

You provide me with much that I do not deserve

and Your Mercy lifts me up and gives me another chance

 to Fear You, Hear You and Follow You.

Please order and anoint every step I take.

Lead me to the place and the opportunity You have prepared for me.

Lord, this day, I walk, go and do

 where and what You tell me to.

Lead me.  Guide me and please accept my Thanks

for I know that You will supply

all that is needed

in order for me

to do Your Will

and that is all

I seek .

In Jesus' Name, I pray. 


10/30/15 02:52 PM #95    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Just a thought:


Sometimes, we will pray and ask God for something but nothing seems to happen.  Over time, we may become fearful, doubtful, worried, stressed, frustrated or even come to believe that God said, “NO!”.  Here is a simple truth.  God empowers and gifts us individually.  From before the very beginning, He always has had a plan for our lives.  Many times, He answers immediately.  You may have prayed for a million dollars.  Could it be that God released that for you the moment that you prayed; however you never received it.  Ask yourself why?


First, you have to be Spiritually attuned to the voice of God to hear the command and instructions of God, who has your every need and solution.  You have to have Spiritual vision so that you can see beyond the apparent into the possible as you continue to trust Him.  And then, you have to learn, understand and be willing to do what God told you to so that you can see clearly what He intends for you. And then, even though you may see it, sometimes, it is still further down the road.  To get it, you already know that you will have to keep on moving, trying, believing, hoping praying, waiting…but maybe you also have to start doing some doing.


Sometimes, you may feel buried, in the dirt, way beneath your situation and you say:  “God, please fix it.”  God is a God of the now and of the future which is His Now, if not His past, and so in the Spiritual realm your destination, your desire, your solution already IS.. but in your physical world, it has not fully manifested, you still have to get there.


And while you are feeling buried by (the dirt) your worries, problem, wrong people and situations, you are just wasting your time…doing nothing but feeling sorry for yourself. You sit there complaining, crying and lamenting but none of that change absolutely nothing.  So you need to grow even as you still cry:  “God, did you hear me?”


I can sometimes hear God say,  “Yes!  I heard you but did you hear me? Because a long time ago, I gave you the gift, (your voice, talent, skill, idea), the resource ( a powerful mind, time, ability) and the power  and the authority but you did nothing but continue to wait on Me.  You took a bit too much for granted.  You wanted me to blink My eyes and miraculously transport you completely from “The Pit to the Palace”

but by your inaction you continued buried where you first began to wait, in the pit, under the dirt of your life.  You never tried to move or to clean yourself up or even to be less buried.  If you have moved just a little of the dirt( Your attitudes, beliefs, behaviors,) you would be closer to your result.  , You still, in order to get what I have for you, have to shake loose some of the dirt that you have acquired.  Yes, I have blessed you.  But to get to the blessing, you have to dig yourself out Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally.  And while you are digging, don’t get worried, keep moving, shaking and believing …and as dig, when dig, things will change.  They will get better but you have to keep on moving and digging.  As you dig and get closer to the manifestation, do not be distracted by the way you feel about having to work, change, grow,  mature which will happen as a result of the digging…For in truth…It is never about the  digging   … but it is always ….about …..the dirt….and you do…have to move it.


11/13/15 08:28 AM #96    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

Good Morning,

It's been a long week!!! However God saw us through and we made it!!!


If you are still looking for

your good, awesome outcomes and breakthroughs

 in God,

 here is what the Bible says:

 “Do your work in good time, and in His own time,

God will give you your reward.”

How powerful is that? 

But here is another truth….

do you know what your work is? 

It is not just physical labor.  

It is

seeking your Soul's Salvation.  

 it is always Spiritual Growth that leads to God's MANIFESTATION. 

Seek God, first, in all you do.

 Pray for Wisdom and

 “put your neck under her yolk.” 

“Open Your mouth and speak” The Word of God

 to your situations, needs, circumstances and life. 

Confess the Lord and His Goodness.  And again I say:….

”Give Thanks to the Lord,

for He is Good,

 for his steadfast Love endures forever.” 

In Him, we are BLESSED.

 And, in Jesus’ Name, please pray.


11/12/18 03:17 PM #97    


Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)

It's been a while since I posted to our site.  Iv'e missed reading people's thoughts and seeing pictures.


A person without faith in themselves is like a candle without a flame, though it may have a physical presence, it is not really living up to its full potential because it is not providing any light to the world. Having faith in one’s own self, is a quality that breeds more qualities. When someone is able to believe in themselves they are then able to dream, make plans, set goals for themselves, and be motivated and determined to do these things because of the faith they have in themselves. Those who have faith in themselves also rub off on the people around them, and usually help inspire people who are able to make a real change to the world. We must not be afraid to live as the people who we really are deep down in hearts, for in this world of darkness, every candle that is lit will help provide a great amount of light.

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