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Delores (Jones) Carey    
Randi Alridge
Mary Alsbrooks
Melvin Alsbrooks  
JaKeriah Alston
Carol Anderson (Harris)
Carolyn Anderson   
Jacques Avent   
Loretta Avent
Barry Bates
Latoya Bates
Mamie Bates
Sophia Bates
Fannie Bates-Booth  
Edward Batts
Veronica Batts
Esther Bell  
Mildred Bell  
Barbara Blackwell (Mason)
Deacon Robert L. Blackwell   
Evelyn Blackwell
Martha Blackwell (Cousins)  
Minister Sarah Blackwell (Bell)  
Thomas Blackwell   
Gwendolyn Bolling
Alice Booker (Goodwyn)  
Tawanda Brown (Jefferson)    
Lena Buford  
Leroy Buford  
Taliyah Carey  
Bertie Carrington
George Chamblee
Mary Chamblee  
Ruby Chamblee  
Alvin Coleman  
Amy Coleman  
Bernard Coleman
Charles Coleman
Denette Coleman
Frank Coleman   
Harrison Coleman
James Coleman  
Kenneth Coleman
Lillian Coleman
Lillian E. Coleman  
Mildred Coleman
Reginald Coleman
Ricky Coleman
Rorris Coleman  
Rose Coleman
Susan Coleman  
Willie "Preacher" Coleman  
Ashton Coleman, Jr.
Ashton Coleman, Sr.
James N. Coleman, Sr.  
Chanda Cooper   
Clarice Cooper  
Hattie Cooper  
Joseph Cooper   
Mary Ester Cooper  
James Alton Cooper Jr.   
James (Al) Cooper Sr
Martha Cousins
Deloris Crawford  
Alvera Crittendon
Darryl Crittendon
Kevin Crittendon
Roy Crittendon   
Shena Crittendon
Johnnie Day  
Margaret Draper
Rev. Harold Draper  
Carlester Drumgoole
Jerry Drumgoole
Jewel Drumgoole   
Louise Drumgoole  
Melvin Drumgoole   
Patricia Drumgoole (Tucker)   
Walter Drumgoole  
Reginald Drumgoole, Sr.     
Mary Dudley (Gregory)  
Jawain Farrar
Olivia Farrar  
Thomas Farrar  
Cheryl Ferguson
John Finney
Alfonza Fitzgerald
Donnie Fitzgerald   
Helen Fitzgerald (Moss)   
Helen Fitzgerald (Tucker)  
Eleanor Franklin
Reverend Cynthia Gathers  
Ada Beatrice Gilliam (Goodwyn)  
Gayle Gilliam (Scott)
Carolyn Goodwyn (Birchette)  
Charlene Goodwyn (Greene)  
Deborah Goodwyn (Morgan)
Dr. Elsie Goodwyn (Holland)   
Esther Goodwyn  
George Goodwyn  
George W. Goodwyn
Gloria Goodwyn (Harvell)
Hattie Goodwyn (Hill)
James Goodwyn  
Janice Goodwyn (Alridge)  
Larry Goodwyn    
Pecolia Goodwyn  
Ranette Goodwyn  
Rasheta Goodwyn
William Xavier Goodwyn
William Goodwyn Jr.   
Conisha Graine (Graine)   
Connie Graine
Demetria Green   
Amy Greene (Coleman)
Milton Greene  
Joyce Hall
LaVonda Hall
Marie Hall  
Moniqua Hall
Na'Zir Hall
Shaquetta Hall
William Alton Hall Sr.  
William Alton Hall, Jr.  
Mary Hardy (Johnson)
Geraldine Harris (Coleman)
Lucy Harris (Holloway)  
Thomas Edward Harris   
Valerie Harris (Fields)  
Richard Lee Harris III
Shirley Hartwell  
Lucille Hayes  
Oliver Henderson  
Wilbert Hicks   
Martina Hudgins
Dorothy Johnson   
Eleanor Johnson  
Justine Johnson  
Mary Johnson (Fields)    
William H. Johnson  
Joseph Johnson III
Joseph Johnson Jr.
Geraldine Joiner
Myrtle Joiner (Lawson)  
Ronald Joiner
Clarence Jones
Doris Jones (Crittendon)
Doris Jones (Crittendon)  
Gloria Jones (James)   
Jennifer Jones
Kathleen Jones  
LaQuisha Jones
Nancy Jones
Pamela Jones
Tawana Jones
Winston Jones   
Theodore Jones Jr.   
Theodore Jones, Sr.   
Indiana King
John Wayne King  
Maurice Knolle  
Estelle Lanier  
Bernice Lewis (Sigler)  
Nancy Lewis (Mayer)    
Mark Lipsey
Fred Long  
Lawyer Mallory  
Gladys Marks  
Keith Marks  
Major Marks   
Willie Marks  
Latanya Mason
McKenley Mason III
McKenley Mason, Jr.     
Diaonna Meredith
Valerie Meredith (Drumg…)     
Charles Miles
Mary Mills
Raymond Mills, Jr.  
Mertina Monk (Madison)   
Margaret Moore  
Willie Moore, Jr.  
DeAngela Newsome
Tricia Newsome   
Rev. Arlester Newsome, Jr.   
Herman Nickens  
Gracie Pegram  
Bettie Peterson
James Peterson   
Lincoln Peterson  
Mary Jeanette Pierce  
Charles Ragsdale  
Etta Ragsdale (Goodwyn)  
Frances Ragsdale (Hicks)  
Fred Fitzgerald Ragsdale  
Janice Ragsdale (Byrd)
Marguerita Ragsdale
Pinkie Ragsdale  
Theresa Ragsdale (Drumgoole)  
Thomas Ragsdale   
Ursula Ragsdale (Powell)
Valerie Ragsdale (Williams)  
Vernon Ragsdale   
Yvonne Ragsdale (Nichols)
Channing Ragsdale, Jr.  
Maxine Rhodes  
Alma Roberts
Alma Roberts (Hardy)  
Ashley Roberts (Rose)
Clarence Roberts
Freddie Roberts  
John Roberts  
Lady Roberts  
Mary Roberts  
Melvin E. Roberts  
Rev. Davis Roberts  
Shirley Diane Roberts  
Wanda Roberts (Tisdale)  
Sallie Rose
Elsie Shell  
Darlene Shepperson  
Alice Short (Allen)
George A. Short   
Sallie Short  
Willie Short   
Evelyn Smith  
Halli Smith (Johnson)  
Harry Smith   
Bettie Spinner  
Clareace Sykes (Goodwyn)
John Thompson   
Larry Thompson  
Margaret Thompson (Berry)  
Parthenia Thompson  
Brian Tucker
Carol Tucker (Jones)
Charlie Tucker   
Dorothy Tucker  
Dr. Delano Tucker
Earl Tucker  
Marc Tucker   
Myrna Tucker (Lipsey)  
Wilbur Tucker
Alberta Vaughan  
Cawain Vaughan
Kaleisha Vaughan
Junious Walker  
Jennifer Walton (Walton)  
Emma Watkins  
Minister Jessica Whitley (M…)    
Alex Randolph Williams  
Calvin Williams
Jannell Williams
Rev. Alexander Williams  

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