Rules of Church Order

Big Bethel Baptist Church

McKenney, Viriginia


Rules of Church Order

(Rev. 3 – 12/16)


Let all things be done decently and in order.    I Cor. 14:40

Let all things be done with charity.                  I Cor. 16:14

Let all things be done to edifying.                   I Cor. 14:26

Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.            Col.  3:17




Section 1.  Any person professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, giving evidence of a change of heart, and adopting the views of faith and practice held by this church, as set forth in the   foregoing Declaration, May upon baptism, be received into its membership.

Section 2.  Candidates for baptism shall be examined before the church; and their admission shall not be acted on until the church has ascertained their character and standing.

Section 3.  Members from other churches holding the same faith may be received by letters of recommendation and dismissal from their respective churches.

Section 4.  Those who have once been members of Baptist churches, and in consequence of any   peculiar circumstances have no regular letters of dismissal may be received by giving satisfactory evidence of a change of heart, Christian conduct, and Scriptural faith.

Section 5.  Excluded members may be restored to membership on confession of their errors, and giving evidence of repentance.



The pastor, officiating boards, church officers, and members recognizes and supports the rights of all people to make social and legal decisions based upon their own personal conviction, teachings, and understanding of Local, State, and Federal law. In all matters of its Faith and Practice, this church is guided by the Holy Scriptures.  

We Believe the Bible to be the inspired Words of God and are the ultimate authority in all matters of faith, doctrine and Christian living. It has God for its author, salvation for its end, and truth without any mixture of error, for its matter. 

We Believe that any form of sexual immorality is sinful and offensive to God (1 Corinthians 6:18). We also believe that God offers redemption and restoration to all who confess and forsake their sins, seeking His mercy and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. We further believe that every person must be afforded compassion, love, kindness, respect, and dignity. (Romans 1:16)

We Believe that marriage is a biblical institution established by God as clearly described in the scriptures. Genesis 2: 18-25 shows God’s concern for relationships by creating the woman to be a partner with man for a lifetime. Accordingly, this Church, its pastor, staff and members will not participate in any activity and the use of its facility that implies or condones same sex unions or same sex marriages within our current or future practices. (Leviticus 18:12, 20: 13, Deuteronomy 22: 5)


 The pastor, officiating boards, church officers, and members by virtue of our membership affirm our agreement with Article II and agree to conduct ourselves in a manner which is consistent with our faith and practice. (Deuteronomy 6: 4-9; Psalm 78:5-7)



Section 1.  The duties of members to themselves are: the acquisition of Scriptural knowledge; constant progress in spirituality; consistency of external conduct; and the control and eradication of every unholy temper.

Section 2.  It is the duty of members to honor, esteem and love their Pastor; to pray for him, fervently and daily; to submit to him in the scriptural exercise of his official authority; to attend constantly upon his ministration; to manifest a tender regard for his reputation; and to contribute toward his support in proportion to their ability.

Section 3.  It is the duty of each member to cultivate and cherish brotherly love for all other members of the church; and to show this love by using all proper measures to promote their spiritual benefit and prosperity.

Section 4.  Toward those who are not connected with the church, it is the duty of members to be exact in fulfilling obligation and performing promises; and as opportunity and ability may enable, to commend the gospel of Christ unto them.

Section 5.  It is the duty of all members removing from the vicinity of the church, to take letters of dismission to other churches of the same denomination; but should this not be practicable, to furnish their names and places of residence within three months after leaving the church.



Section 1.  As often as it may be deemed necessary, by the death or removal of a previous Pastor, the church shall, without delay, invite to its pulpit some minister of good report. This requires that at least two weeks public notice has been given and three-fourths of the members present agree.

It is the duty of the Pastor to preach stately at the church; to administer the ordinances of the gospel; to act as moderator when present in meetings for the transaction of business, and to perform the various other duties incumbent on his office.

Section 2.  The church shall elect Deacons by a majority of at least three-fourths of its members present at any regular or duly notified meeting, as often as it may be rendered necessary.

It shall be the duty of the Deacons to seek out such members of the church as need pecuniary assistance, and to use the alms for their relief; to visit the sick; to prepare and distribute the elements of the Lord's Supper; to take a general supervision of the temporal interests of the church, and to cooperate with and assist the pastor in the performance of his duties.

The ordination of Deacons shall be preceded by three to six month's trial. They shall continue in office as long as satisfaction shall be given.

Section 3.  Trustees, a Treasurer, Clerk and Sexton shall be elected by majority vote at a regular scheduled church meeting.  In case of the death, resignation or removal of either of the said officers, an election shall be held to fill the vacancy at the first regular meeting following that at which such vacancy shall have been announced as having occurred.

Section 4.  It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all moneys, and pay all orders drawn on him by order of the church. He shall keep a true and fair book of accounts, and annually at the said meeting for business in December, shall lay before the church a statement of the moneys so received and paid, which a committee appointed by the church shall examine, with the necessary vouchers.

Section 5.  The Clerk shall keep a fair record of the proceedings of the church's business meetings; take charge of all the records; and keep a register of all the members of the church.



Section 1.  The Pastor of the church, or in his absence, the Chairman of the Board of Deacons will serve as moderator in all meetings for the transaction of business.

Section 2.  It shall be the duty of the moderator to keep order, state and explain propositions.

Section 3.  He/she shall cause every meeting to be opened and closed by prayer.

Section 4.  He shall call for the business of the church in the following order:

              1.  Read the minutes of the previous meeting.

              2.  Hear the experience of candidates for membership.

             3.  Receive letters of dismissal from sister churches.

             4.  Grant letters of dismissal to those requesting them.

             5.  Hear reports of committees, and other unfinished business.

             6.  New business.

             7. Open comments from the floor

Section 5.  He shall suffer no second motion to be entertained until the one under consideration has been disposed of, except motions to amend, postpone, adjourn or put the main question.



Once in each year a delegate (s) shall be appointed to represent the church in the Association; whose duty it shall be to furnish to the Association a statement of the condition of the church, including its changes; to represent faithfully the desires of the church; and to cooperate with the messengers of other churches in advancing the kingdom of Christ.



Section 1.  Any member who in the judgment of the church, gives evidence, by his piety, zeal and "aptness to teach," that he is called of God to the work of the ministry, after having preached in the hearing of the church, may be licensed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, provided three-fourths of the members present at any regular meeting shall agree thereto.

Section 2.  If the church unanimously decides that one of its licensed preachers possesses the spiritual qualifications for full ordination, it shall call a council of ministers and brethren to examine the qualifications of the candidate, to which council the propriety of ordaining shall be wholly referred.



 Missionaries as a whole support and give donations to church members who have had a death in their family, and to members who are or have been in the hospital or sick at home. Missionaries also should give financial support to members or the families of members who are in emergency situations. In the event of an emergency, the president of the Missionary Ministry should notify the Chairmen of the Boards and it should be decided jointly what course of action should be taken. (See Miscellaneous  Section - Church Order Supplement for additional stipulations)



Section 1.   All salaries should be approved by the church. The Pastor or Minister of the church is the only guaranteed salary. All others are paid as services are rendered. The salaries of any person or persons, who may hinder the church's growth, and/or religious prosperity, shall be eliminated.           

Section 2.   Pastor's Salary - The Pastor, being the leader, should be willing to dedicate himself to the church, 100%. His salary should take into consideration the requirements of the job.  He should be available to chair all church meetings, He also should meet on a regular basis with the Executive Board of the church; be present at choir rehearsal on a rotating basis; coordinate music and messages.  He should conduct funerals, weddings, and child dedications at the church, and visit the sick and shut-in. He should also visit members in nursing homes.  On Sunday morning, he should stand and preach the gospel. His salary should reflect the work that he is required to do. If the Pastor is asked to teach Bible Study as part of his job description, and this study takes place during the week, he incurs expenses.  The Pastor will be considered a full-time minister regardless of the number of Sundays preached.  The Church should assure that his salary reflects the above.

Section 3.   All musicians are required to rehearse their individual groups.  Titles and page numbers of all songs must be given to the pastor at least one week prior to performances. Musicians' salaries will also be voted on by the church at large. All musicians will be paid when they play in programs outside the church - when the Pastor and church are invited to participate, otherwise each choir will pay for their services.

Section 4.   The church Clerk, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and The Financial Analyst salaries must be approved by the church annually.



These Rules of Church Order can be amended at any regular meeting of the church, provided three-fourths of the members present shall agree thereto and the amendment(s) have been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting of the church.



Section 1.  Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the church meetings in all areas of concern where there is no standing rule to assist in the resolution of issues of disagreement.

Section 2.  The current edition of the Hiscox Guide for Baptist Churches, shall be the source of reference for additional clarification when an impasse prevails.

Section 3.  The Holy Bible is the ultimate authority in all matters of the Church.


Church Facility:


The church affirms that its facilities be used for the fellowship of the Body of Christ and always to God’s glory. Allowing its facilities to be used for purposes that contradict the church’s beliefs would be material cooperation with that activity, and would be a violation of the church’s faith and religious practice.   

2 Corinthians 6:14; 1 Thessalonians 5:22.


       See all related requirements in the church facility use policy